riding a chemical carousel (morning_rose) wrote in unthunk_poet,
riding a chemical carousel

Ars Gratia Artis

I study old poets to ignite
some idea of what I should write
but somewhere after the viscera and heart
have reacted, the mind has
done something to organize
the feeling away.

Couplets and rhyme scheme
Don't fall out naturally,
skill swallows the very intention
of the poet to make
a thing of beauty
to behold.

When you break the winged courser's
back with straws of superficial order
how can he fly onward
to save
Andromeda fair?

The Romans thought away their gods,
The English revived them with literary nods,
but they're just relying
on the stories of others
for impact.

The few I respect, Donne and Wilde
most of all, are wrought with pain o'er time
by history
and Her
cruel intentions.

How do we recall a life snuffed out?
It is likened to recalling an ember to
flame by the power
of memory
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