Etsuko (悦子) (eiennoyasumi) wrote in unthunk_poet,
Etsuko (悦子)


So apparently I'm being published? In what might just be a terrible, terrible volume of terrible, terrible poetry from Eternal Portraits. Estimated release date: Spring 2005 (hah?). Should I be pleased or ashamed?

I am not buying a copy of the anthology. Hah.

i tap on your Shoulder that is like a Rock
insistently, with my small hands, near to Fitting
inside the chink that i cannot see but i know is there,
because you are not made entirely of Stone.
i make Progress when you forget i am tapping
because when you realize it again, and startle,
i slip closer. i laugh at your consternation,
sincerely, with my young eyes and truthful mouth,
because it Happened already and will happen Again.
i know your mind, but only the secrets,
and i search for those Things you leave open
with my soft fingers. i soothe you, as a cat,
until beneath my insistent hands you unknot
and lie limp, and i rock you to sleep.
remember how the forest Burst into bloom like fire
and i lured you with my Accidental voice
to that place that did not matter. there you lay, and i
Watched you, and you breathed easily.
i will Take you there again. hearts will beat
with us, and a pattern will come slow, like dawn.
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