riding a chemical carousel (morning_rose) wrote in unthunk_poet,
riding a chemical carousel

sorry, there's one line that's really repetitive. i'm jealous of etsuko's freeverse skills. ~_~;

concentrated and burning brown eyes
on a truck too large for the sun to see
black and orange streaked with the last dim
rays of a climbing, clutching, murderous vesper

round and red, out and in with fury in
every inward breath and lovelorn anguish
out again driven by burning brown eyes driven
by a beast too large for the sun to see

invisible fingers moving when nothing moves
within the ribcage of the monster jealousy and
burning brown eyes drawing pictures on the mind like
the tears drawing lines on the face

thinking any moment she'll see a flash of
hair familiar and a Gilda Radner smile framed
by hateful orange curls dangling low like jealousy
in burning brown eyes drawing invisible lines

tragically recalling her watching him
watching you, nervously without a hint of
love in those beautiful, hopeless, helpless
fathomless, smouldering burning brown eyes

angry words to lend comfort to a jealous
mind that hates and hates and cages in the heart
like the great green monster that cages in
her jealousy drawn by burning brown eyes

fighting, pushing, punching, trying to forget
how two brown sets of eyes looked into one another
full of a burning love before the fighting, pushing,
punching choked the flame and it turned green

Catholicism preaching emptily on jokes only
half-understood and moments passed and times forgotten
and melancholy and greenness beyond youth; all
are only thoughts behind burning brown eyes

shaken from a reverie that soured hope and
killed a healing heart; a dream that rips off
bandages from wounds and exposes incarnadine
to burning brown eyes filled with flecks of green

rumbling, shaking, trembling, shuddering as
the streak of silver shoots away from the big
green monster still protected by the sun and
behind black sunglasses are burning brown eyes
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