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Unthunk Poets

Uniting Unthought

Unthunk Poet --- Poems for Ev'ry Occassion
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This is a community for writing poetry. Make it funny, happy, unhappy, angry, vicious... It doesn't matter. Just write it. Get it outside of you. Get it unthunk. Then you'll be an
thunkunthunk poet

-To apply for membership you must post at least fifteen lines of poetry under an LJ-cut with "Unthink Me" as the title -- that's important and it shows you've read the rules, otherwise we can't approve you.
-Include a brief bio with your application. Include name, age, birthday, and anything else you'd like to add.
-Once you've been approved by the mods, you are free to post as much as you want, but keep poems under an LJ-cut.
-Mods have the final say in who does and does not post. This isn't a rating community, it's soley for seeking critique on poetry and sharing poems with others who like writing.
-Try to be courteous to all members.
-Make sure to warn outside of your LJ-cut if a poem contains coarse language.
-No pornographic poems.