riding a chemical carousel (morning_rose) wrote in unthunk_poet,
riding a chemical carousel


He walks her out to see the sunset
Holds her close and by the waist
And he longs to kiss her wet
And feel and hold and smell the taste

Where they laugh and fall in deep
And watch the sky, the day, as it dies
And giggle as the vesper creeps
But they can't steal the sunrise

Because what they don't seem to know
Is they are monsters of the night
And nightmares, with their greenish glow
Can never feel the warmth of light

And what they call love I call possession
They've chained themselves in a painful cage
And someday they'll forget this obsession
Sad broken hearts are so filled with rage

How do I know and tell the future
Clearly as if it were this very day?
My heart has a celestial suture
That helps my mouth to help me say

That those who revel in the sun setting low
Because of its evanescent colored beauty
See only endings in the red warm glow
And beginnings simply cannot break free

But they can't steal the sunrise
Because it belongs to me, and some
Green yellow and blue are for dreaming eyes
That catch color before it can come

Sunrise is the daily beginning
And it teaches one not to forget
Dews and frost and fall leaves spinning
Give hope, and leave no room for regret
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